Thursday, March 13, 2014

Aaro Pajari :Survived the grenade attacks

Aaro Pajari 

Aaro Olavi Pajari  was a Major General in the Finnish Army. During the World War II, he received the Mannerheim Cross of Liberty twice.
Aaro Pajari is regarded as one of the bravest and most courageous men of the Finnish army in the World War II. His tactical greatness, as well as his manner of leading from the front made him a great leader and led to great devotion and motivation from the troops under his command. His greatest achievement was the Finnish victory at the Battle of Tolvajarvi in the winter of 1939 – 1940, where his small Finnish force smashed a far larger Soviet army. Pajari went on to serve brilliantly throughout the Winter, Continuation, and Lapland wars, becoming famous for his success in leading small unit, and guerrilla style operations.

Yläkuunu 1941.08.07